WordPress Hosting & Consulting

I offer WordPress consulting and hosting services to agencies, businesses, and individuals. If you need professional help with your WordPress website, I can help you think through your available options, train you how to use the platform, and even design and develop your site for you.

My Background in WordPress Consulting

When I first started developing websites professionally, I found myself doing a lot of tasks over and over again, like copying and pasting menu markup. I started learning PHP as a way to streamline this process.

Then I thought, what if something could be built with PHP to where a non-developer can go in and update the website after it’s been launched already?

It turned out such a thing already existed, and it was called a Content Management System.

I tried many different CMSes over the years, but WordPress ultimately became my favorite due to the ecosystem of themes, plugins, code resources, and people surrounding it

WordPress Consulting Experience

I’ve done a lot of interesting work in my decade with WordPress, ranging from very simple to very complex.

  • Landing Pages
  • eCommerce Stores
  • Workflows for integrating with ERP systems
  • Custom theme development
  • Workflows for integrating with third-party services
  • Training others on using WordPress
  • Managing hosting for clients and agencies

I also participate in the Atlanta area community and volunteer my skills at local WordPress help sessions.

WordPress Skills

WordPress is a very broad ecosystem, but here are some things I end up working with frequently

  • Custom theme development
  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • Pods Framework
  • Beaver Builder

Though I have worked with far more tools and plugins than that; I try to always choose the best tool for a given job.