Helping creative businesses reach their goals

I work with…

Video producers

who need motion graphics, visual effects production, and visual effects consulting.

Animation producers

who need art direction and custom technical solutions for complex jobs.

R&D and manufacturers

who need creative solutions tailored for their industry that help propel their business.

My approach

I believe that technical skills are the most valuable when they can be shared across disciplines.

If you can write code for the web, why can't you write code to improve your motion graphics? If you can build 3D models for visual effects, why can't you build 3D products for eCommerce? If you can composite a shot digitally for a video, why can't you help pre-visualize a scene before it's even shot?

This philosophy allows me and my network of creative technologists to help creative businesses reach their goals, whether they are a video studio needing additional help or a manufacturer looking to improve their digital presence.


  • Motion Graphics
  • Visual Effects Production
  • Visual Effects Consulting & Supervising
  • Animation
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Media Consulting

Who I am

Delineator is the work of me, Stephen DeLorme. I am a digital media director and technical consultant based in Atlanta, GA, though I do work for clients based anywhere.

My creative journey started in illustration, led me to web development and graphic design, and then to motion graphics and visual effects. I enjoy keeping occupied in all these areas because I find there are valuable lessons to be learned from all these fields.

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