About Me

Photo of Stephen DeLorme

Delineator is the work of Stephen DeLorme. (That’s me).
I’m a Technical Art Director based in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m a cross-functional problem-solver that helps clients who need video production, interactive content, design, and intelligent solutions to streamline their creative workflows.

I’m unorthodox, but hard-working.
Focused, but flexible. Driven, but patient.

Do you need video or animation work for your brand? Are you looking for help with a web development project? Or do you just need someone to help you think through your creative and technical challenges?

Let’s talk and see if I can help you!


I’ve been creative ever since I was a kid, says every graphic designer’s biography ever. It stands true for me as well. I self-published my own indie-comics and shot short films on tape as a teenager.

I started my career in earnest as a web designer at ABC, while simultaneously studying Graphic Design at Georgia State University.
It was at GSU that I got my first taste of motion design, which re-kindled my childhood interest in filmmaking. I started working with Atlanta agency Superlux as a motion graphics intern and continued with them after earning my degree.

Flash-forward a decade, and I’ve had the privilege to do work for clients like IBM, AT&T, and Benz R&D. I still work in video and on the web, hence the title Digital Media Director.

These days, I am a volunteer in the WordPress community, I participate in the Atlanta motion graphics community, and I work on my own independent film projects.

And I’m also looking forward to working with you!